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We offer free over-the-phone and remote estimates, and in-shop repairs in a convenient flat-fee format.  Know what you will pay before the job begins!  We will spend as much time as it takes to fix it right!  And we guarantee our work - if the problem recurs within 30 days of the completion of our work, we will revisit the issue free of charge!*

Standard Computer Setup
Installation, configuration and optimization of your new computer
We will customize your profile, activate & update all pre-installed software, and remove all the unnecessary trialware.  We will install all Windows Updates & Microsoft Office Updates (if Office is installed).  We will also help you install any security software to keep you safe from viruses and spyware.
Peripherals (printer, scanner, etc.)
We will install all necessary software, help you configure the device to your liking, and will even show you how to use it to its fullest.
Transfer data files from one computer to another $139
Old PC to New PC Migration
This includes the transfer of data files from one computer to another plus a whole lot more!  We will put all of your data into their proper locations (even for specialized applications) so everything shows up exactly as it should. We will help you customize your new profile and will answer any questions you have about your PC.
Memory Installation $60
Software Installation (One software title; includes activation & updates) $55
Operating System Installation/Upgrade
We will reinstall your Operating System (if it becomes corrupted, for example) or will upgrade you to a newer Operating System (purchasing a license key is an additional expense). We will also install all security patches, and will optimize its performance.
Hard Drive Upgrade
Are you running out of disk space but the thought of upgrading your hard drive gives you nightmares?  Will you have to buy another Operating System? How will you transfer all of your applications?  What about all your data? We can take care of transferring everything from your current hard drive to a new, larger hard drive!  Bring us your PC and your new hard drive and we'll take care of the rest.  Buy your new hard drive from us and we'll waive the Hard Drive Installation fee!

Remote Support
Do you have a strange pop-up message that you’re not sure about? How about an error message on your screen? Have a technician remotely connect to your computer to see what is going on without having to wait for a technician to arrive, and without having to bring your computer in to our shop! The connection is completely secure and you are able to watch everything the technician is doing (we explain everything to you, too). The Remote Desktop Support session is $99 per issue.
(Note: Not all services can be performed remotely and may require an onsite visit or in-shop repair. Virus Removals and System Optimizations that CAN be completed remotely will incur the regular posted price as these services are much more extensive.)

If you prefer to have us walk you through your issue over the phone, this service will cost $35.00 per half hour (minimum), $50.00 per forty-five minutes or $65.00 per hour.
System Optimization
Over time, your PC's performance can really go downhill.  Longer boot times, cryptic error messages, system lock ups, and even spontaneous reboots! Ask for our optimization service that includes a 24-point Checklist to shorten your computer's boot time, delete unwanted files and remove unnecessary background processes.  We'll also make sure your system has the most recent updates to protect again security threats (in-shop service only)!
Windows Operating System Troubleshooting $185
Software Troubleshooting (excluding Operating System) $90
Virus, Adware or Spyware Removal $150
Backup of Data (E-Mail, Pictures, etc.) from Hard Drive
Data will be provided to you on a flash drive or an external hard drive (drive can be purchased from us or must be provided by customer)
Emergency Recovery of Data from Corrupted Hard Drive
(This also includes non-booting systems) Data will be provided to you on DVDs or an external hard drive (drive can be purchased from us or must be provided by customer). Price starts at $199. Drop your system off for a free diagnostic and price quote. Ask us about automated backup solutions!
System Rebuild
Sometimes your system just needs an overhaul or a virus can be so destructive that the only way to get rid of it is to wipe and rebuild your system. We can do that!  Throw your CDs into a bag and bring them in along with your PC.  We will back up all your precious data^, reinstall your Operating System, and reinstall 2 of your software programs.  We will then help you customize your system and get it looking just the way you remember it!^^
In-Shop Quick Fix
Have you forgotten your Windows logon password and are now locked out of the only Administrator account on your computer? Have a quick question about a piece of software you already have installed? If you are close by and want to drop in with your Computer, or drop it off with us while you run errands, give us a call to see if it qualifies for our Quick Fix special.

*NNIS warranties its work for 30-days following successful completion of the work. An NNIS technician will demonstrate the correct and successful operation of your software and/or hardware.  Any modifications made to your system, whether software or hardware in nature, after NNIS has demonstrated successful resolution of your issue, voids NNIS's warranty and results in an additional charge for NNIS to return and repair.
**** From a bootable system only.  Non-bootable systems incur the "Emergency Recovery of Data from Corrupted Hard Drive" fee of $199.
^^ From a bootable system only.  Non-bootable systems incur the "Emergency Recovery of Data from Corrupted Hard Drive" fee of $199.  CDs must have a license key attached.  For Operating System reinstallation, original license key or COA must be available.  Additional software programs can be installed & configured at the Software Installation fee above.
^ My Documents, Desktop items & Favorites.  Additional data, hidden data, or full hard drive
backup incurs an additional fee.

** A $25 travel fee is applied to residences more than 10 miles from our office.

By hiring NNIS, you agree to the terms outlined in Limitation of Liability.

Our clients enjoy flat-rate pricing!
See In-Shop Support or Business Services for more details and pricing.

“Using NNIS for our computer/electronic requirements is better than having an onsite IT Department. Their knowledgeable staff and responsiveness keep our computer program issues and hardware downtimes to a minimum, saving us money and time.”
-T. Ageno, Chief Financial Officer
American Truck & Trailer Body Co., Inc.

With our “It's Fixed or It's Free” policy,
NNIS will fix your problem...

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